Leaders at the helm of any organization understand what it takes to build a reputation. Leaders further understand that not everyone around shares the same vision. For them, the objectivo primario is to build and watch over the brand and secure its future. No wonder why companies like Reliance Mutual Fund and Reliance Communications have set up a dedicated social media command centre. It’s all about transparency that brands need to display and not the public.
ORM (Online Reputation Management) has definitely evolved with time as a course of action to bolster trust and reputation building measures. In a layman’s terminology its nothing but tracking and discovering, monitoring and analyzing, and eventually acting towards resolving a situation that may end up blowing into a crisis. And a crisis is something that everyone wants to avoid! Here are a few reasons why ORM becomes all the more imperative in this digital age.

With ORM you let your customers know, existing or prospective, that you are available for them and willing to listen. Yes, that’s the first message you deliver. It sets you apart from brands that nonetheless at their own peril either ignore or hide or delete sentiments. Moreover, it demonstrates your commitment towards people.

Zig Ziglar famously said “If people like you, they will listen to you. But if they Trust You, they will do business with you.” It stands true in every age. People make decisions based on some factors, and Trust is the foremost. It’s easier for Tom (imaginary figure) today to decide what he wants to buy and from whom he wants to buy. The digital age has made him a perfect citizen journalist. And in no time he will tell you who is good and who is not based on the results that he sees online… it’s as simple as that. Social CRM counts as a serious effort while letting people know that you care for them.


Harry may not be the most sought after celebrity to endorse your brand but he may wield the power to influence decisions. Making the most out of these influencers helps you tilt the balance in your favor. Besides individuals, there are various influencing strategies that need to be designed to push your concept strongly. ORM identifies how digital activities can influence the physical inflow of revenue.

There is nothing constant in this world except… Change! The outlook to move with times helps a brand to keep up with the pace. Again, what we see today maybe not be around tomorrow. Plainly speaking, keep evolving or become non-existent. ORM provides a panoramic view of trends and trendsetters.

Companies in India more often judge success on sales numbers, what is ignored are the opportunities missed. Though it’s highly possible that companies with higher revenue may spend handsomely on marketing analytics, yet few know how to use these analytics. This big data enables companies, besides expanding, to explore new markets and compete with a difference. ORM picks up insights on behavior empowering brands to set the course right.

If Dick the wizard says that he can sell through digital marketing, tell him he’s lying. Digital marketing never helps companies sell; what it rather does is drive prospects through a well-crafted line. The culmination could be anything as it’s about persuasion. With ORM in place, making inroads to drive the numbers becomes easier. It helps you identify the right leads.
If deliberated upon, every reason mentioned may need an in-depth account of where it may lead as ORM or Social CRM is not as easy a subject… yet not so complicated. There being many more reasons why ORM is must, however these are a few that a business should set sight on. And, if your current ORM process is not leading you in the right direction then it’s high time to think seriously what’s going wrong! Remember, your brand is a story that needs to be narrated in an interesting way with all mechanisms in sync to achieve the desired results.

Meet Author

Athikur Rehman


Athik, an MBA with more than 15 years of work experience in the industry behind him, was part of a team that set the foundation of ORM in our country back in 2010. After successfully establishing a social media command centre with a leading social media agency, he decided to use his experience to fuel his own business: Cerebrate Solutions.