Those Who Stand For Nothing Will Fall For Anything!

The age of technology has armed the individual today with a cutting edge tool to bring down any brand, organization or individual with a few clicks. With 123.3 million and growing users, India is all set to surpass the United States in terms of smart phone users.
The dynamics change for B2C or B2B entities as the Customer can spread the word, good or bad, across the globe. A negative word has the potential to hit brands where it hurts the most; brand reputation! It could further impact the brand or organisation’s or individual’s growth if not checked and contained in time. For brands there could be a drop in sales figures. For organizations it could be a log-jam in their future plans. For individuals like politicians/celebrities it could be a growing list of detractors.
For someone who is new to this strategy it will take a while to take stock of the situation. And for someone who’s clueless; they will never be able to regain the lost trust with Customers. It is therefore imperative in the New Age to engage in Online Reputation Management!