Twitter follows Facebook for customer service

Twitter is a great customer service platform. Of late, Twitter has been improving its features to help brands reach out to customers and address their queries more quickly and privately.
We all know that Facebook launched the, ’Green Badge’ for customer service and put every brand in the race to answer customer’s queries more quickly in order to get the badge and be named as “The Most Responsive Brand”.
Following the bandwagon, Twitter has now introduced a similar feature but with a tinge of it’s own. Twitter not only helps customers recognize the customer support handle, but also, helps the customers know the working hours of brands online reputation management team.

How to activate it?
It is very simple to activate this display option. Just go to the new customer support settings page in your Twitter Dashboard.

As shown above, there’s now an option available to indicate that your profile provides support, and what hours your representatives are available via Twitter. Once you tick the box indicating that your profile is a support account, you can specify the times and time zone in the second field.

How is it useful?
With consumers in the online world vying to get resolution from brands at the earliest.  Customer service enhancement is the need of the hour and Twitter released this feature just at the right time.  Brands need to understand now on how best to use this feature, bigger brands could also check out the possibility of having a separate account for customer service. Tweeples will now be aware of which handle to use for customer support and at what time.

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