Digital Customer Experience

Your brand’s online presence isn’t only limited to Social Media. Your customers/clients are talking about you on multiple platforms on the internet. Cerebrate Solutions helps you cover all the touch points to help provide a 360-degree Solution for your Online Reputation Management needs.

We help you monitor and manage conversations on both internal and external platforms like reviews on Mobile Apps (Google Play, App store), product reviews on E-commerce platforms (Amazon, Flipkart, etc.), Google reviews, employee reviews, online forums, E-mails and every nook-and-corner of the internet where your brand name is mentioned. Our team works with all verticals of your organization, right from IT development to HR, to create a TAT based response management process to enhance your Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We also specialize in closing the loop in the consumer journey given our expertise on any internal or external platform that completes the CRM journey.

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