Services We Provide

Social Media Listening

Know what the world is talking about you over the World Wide Web!

Digital Customer Experience

ORM isn't only about Social Media. Find out how a 360-degree ORM service can help you identify a customer on other digital platforms!

Social Media Monitoring

Knowing what people are talking about online is winning of half the digital battle. Get real time monitoring for your brand and competition.

Social Media Audit

Fine-tune your digital strategy based on in-depth analysis of your social media platforms.

Chat Solutions

Make the most of each conversation by adding a human touch to your online responses.

Why ORM?

90% of Indian consumers between 16 and 34 years of age, are online daily. 50% of such consumers actively participate on social media in a discussion. Online Reputation Management helps your brand identify relevant discussions, promote positive content about itself and minimize the impact of any negative content. ORM also provides the foundation to strengthen customer support so that you can provide quick and effective solutions for your customers in the least amount of time.

Why Cerebrate?

Cerebrate Solutions is a front runner in the field of Online Reputation Management and Social Listening. Unlike other digital marketing companies and agencies, which treat ORM as a secondary or even a tertiary job, we prioritize your brand’s reputation before everything else and ensure your online presence is immaculate.

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24x7 Service

Stay online 24 hours and 365 days a year with our team taking charge of your entire online presence.

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Efficient Team

Get a team that follows TAT based processes for the most efficient deliveries.

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Superior Crises Management

By monitoring potential social media and PR crises in real-time, we provide a pro-active reputation management solution that enables us to defend your brand image.

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Collaborative Monitoring

We work with your organization on every level to monitor online activity on both, internal and external levels to provide a 360-degree ORM solution.

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Cutting-Edge Analytics

Our in-depth data analysis, derived by using the latest tools and human intelligence, help brands understand their current online standing and create a data – oriented strategy for the future.

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Who Needs Us?

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Product/Services Team

Get real-time feedback on the performance of your product/service.

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Marketing Team

Get in-depth campaign analysis to understand the effectiveness of your communication strategy.

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Corporate Communications Team

Understand how well consumers are reacting to your brand's vision.

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Customer Support Team

Make sure your customers are getting a robust service and their complaints/queries are being addressed.

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Employee Relations Team

Let your employees be the voice of your brand across platforms and monitor their conversations over the World Wide Web.

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Tech Teams

Empower your tech team with real-time updates and bug-reports to ensure no website/mobile app glitch goes unnoticed.

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Join our award winning teams thats enjoy


Join our award winning teams thats enjoy

Those Who Stand For Nothing Will Fall For Anything!

Join our award winning teams thats enjoy